Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Now that Google Reader is no more...

What will we do?

Of course we still have Google Reader for a few more months but if you are fond of the blogs you read but don't remember any of their names like me, it is essential that you find a way to follow these blogs.

For all dear people who follow me on Google Friend, these are some suggestions on where to find me.

Bloglovin' - It feels like this webpage is many people's choice after Google Reader. Lately they even put an option to import all your blog feed from Google Reader which makes the transition all the more easier. You can group the blogs your follow easily. What is most different from Google Reader is that when you want to read your posts, Bloglovin directs you to the original webpage with an easy toolbar at the bottom. This is nice because you get to see the original blog and many blogs have nice backgrounds and sidebars. On the other hand, these things take time to load so reading posts like this takes more time than Google Reader.

Twitter - I always post links to my new posts on Twitter. You can always check there if you want. Of course this being my personal twitter account, there are many things non-polish related as well.

Tumblr - I have a Tumblr page for this blog and put at least one picture from each post there. Currently, it is only about nail polish with only one or two reblogs but I am planning on making that a kinda personal tumblr so there might be more non-polish related posts in the future.

Instagram - Yeah, similar to my Twitter account, this is my personal Instagram account so along with nail polish photos, there are many unrelated photos as well.

Pinterest - You can also check my nail polish photos on Pinterest. Good thing about Pinterest is that I have a separate board for my blog photos so if you don't want to see rest of the pins, you can follow just that board.

Email - There is a 'follow by email' option for this blog. I haven't tried it so I'm not sure if it works but since it is a blogger gadget, I believe it would work.

You can find links to all these accounts on the left sidebar. If you have any other questions, you know you can always email me.

See you ~~

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